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"places that we thhught wass kind of sacred, colleges advertiseethat the campus is safe..." 3 of the university of maryllnd eeatern shore... and police saa the victim wws argeted. targeted."he hit a child he said whatthe said? itssdisgusting." -3 disgustinn."a man.. llegedly slaps a toddler oo an airline flight.what he said before... -3 thht hhd passengees running tt & the babyys rescue. rescue.vytas says... & 3 ffcebook... hackee.wwen it happenee.. and should yoo be porried about yyur personal inffrmation falliig nto the & prong hands?? &
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,3 good evvninn. i'm jennifer gilbert.a student from severn is dead onight... after beeng sttbbed at school.21-year-oldd & eemonddst. clair... wws a student at thh universitt of maryland eastern shorr campus. & staae ollce ar now investigating. invessigattnggmmlindaa oeeer is streaming live tonight from police headduarters in ppkesville... with more on the case. 3 the stabbing took place n requueted state police ake 33 inteeviewing possible pwtnesses.... includinn students,....anddthh victim's &pbrother... who was visitiin for theeweeeend.... nn saw the whole thing unfold. unfold. 3 & 3& homeccming weekend.... turned &&pdeadly... on the easteen shoree - caapus...saturday night - jjst after 9::0.... the victim's brother... ran for helpp.. flaggiig down a campuu police officer... on patrol... ggeg - shiplee: 01:12:10 "an individual ran up to her car asking her to come to help someooe had been stabbed...
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lying onnthe sidd of heeroad." 3 the victim --21-years-ood has been stabbed in the chest -- and died a ssort time laaer. his brother - who was visittng for the weekend... told 3 driving on campus when they pnd fight broke ouu. ooficials say it was not a raadom act of violence... that the viccim waa targeted.but why? they still ddo'' know..- this is the econd murder in less than a week....innolingg -&puniversity offmarrland students..n college park - -3 tuesday --near the aii campus - a student shht his two housemates before turning the gunnon himselfftonight - students - parents - and police ay they're tired of -3 pll the violence.tyrone owers: 10:40:05 "laces that we &pthought were kind of sacred... 3 drastically."tyrooe powers is a former f-b-i ageet... and now ttachessccllege courses in -& criminology.he points to other recent crimes on campuses... -3 as proof that ppllce need o step up training in responne and preventton. tyrrne powers: 11:30:32 "the caapus police departmeets rr going o havee tt operaae likeepolicc in any urban nvirrnmentt the campus pas become almoot a city in and of itself."last yyar - aa
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porgan ssate football layer was shot ... on cammusin 2011.... abowie state tudeet stabbed her rommate o ddaah. and a frostburg state student &pwasskilled trring to break up a fight.the uptick in vvooence is reason for alarm.but in 3&pmaryland studdnts... say they still feellsafe..,,.. despitee the limits of campus security. michelle peters: 11:09 "it's just hard because campus is so bii... hard to have police & force everywweree" -3&p3 stateepoliic tell us that in this recent ccse - hey are looking for three to ffur africannamerican mennitt appearr they had some kind of ongoing dispute with the victim. so far - no arrests. 33 - foxx45 news at ten. 3 a former maintenance worker at a chrrstian academy... convicted of sexually abusing two giils anddfilming the -3 acts... will spend the est of his life in prison. prisonnthe crime happened chrissiinnacadeey
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innpasadena. -third" was a long-time mmintenance worker charges of sexual abuse, producinggchild porrography pnd possessing it.authorities perr tipped off when a girl &ptold er mother that lorenz starttd abusing her about six years ago... when he lived in 3 property. pe's already serving a 100- - yearrprison sentence for a p- g county man is due ack in &&pcourt.. this tiim... accused of killing a mother and hee daughttr. dauuhter.jason scott is charged with illing delorrs 3 daughter ebony.their bodies - wereefound in burning ar in largo ack inn2209.the former -3 u-p-- worker was sentenced last year for dozens of armed buuglariis across the that sennenning, a judge told - him he'd be remembered "as one of the most hated people" in areeexpecteddtuesday morning. 3
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aawoman ss recovering tonight fter being stabbed in the parking lot of arundel mills mall. &3 it happened friday -33 afttrnooon the womannwas headed to her carrin the parking lot near neiman marcus last call.... hen a man tried to steal her prse..... and ended up ssabbbng her nn the hand.poliie ssa brodeeick bennett then jumped into his s-u-v and headed towards the &phiihway goinggmore thhn 100 chased bennett...he eventually crashed in west baltimore. 3 "as i was coming out of the house, we heard llud car ptaae troopees lots of - commotion, " "thats whee ggy walkinn, someone ran grabbed him up against he car" caa"" in heepass couple of years.... arundel -3 miils has had a number of high proffle crimes from shootings toocar break-ins. & 33 a raid oo a dundalkk lea norttpoint flee marret were &pssrved ith searcc
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county policeesaa for monthh...undercovee detectives have een buying counterfeit oods from vendors. 3 "cops everywherr, should i gett out the car, stay in the car, pyouujust nevee know yoo just -3 never know" poliie saa the veedoos were selllng fakes... of brand -3 nnmes liie nike, apple, north face, polo arrests have been maae yet.thee're waitinggon ccunterfeii experts to confirm that the goods are fake. 3 a fire leaves ssverallcolumbia &phooes..te two- alarm fire & bboke out early yesterday n &pindian camp road...and raggd for more than annhour before & firefighters coulddpuu it out. in all, morr than 66 pirefiggters 3 ppople were in thh two affected apartmentt at the time... but aal made it out safely. 3 daniel stootenborough: 7.20 "luukilyyeverybody wws out. yeah, ttere woold have been &pssme lives loot. that's for ssre." &pstill under innessigation.thaa -&pfirefighter ho was injured
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from the hospital. 1129-1:41"does get it in.. att -3 mid court, 2 seconds, on the punner, herees cook- can't hit -3 it... and maryland has won it - 83- 3& more thaa the tudents rushed &pmaryland university of university f maryland studdnts rushed more than the court after the big basketball win over duke lastnight.paul pessler reportss....the wild reaction we're used to seeing ..... wws actually scaled down. down. andrew: ""hey're kinda like -3 'em or you hatt 'em."lunch 3&pbobby's burger palace in college park..ndrew lee:: - ""obody likes ddke. duke will - be nnthing as sooo as coach k is gone."for andrew and his wereemaryland lags everywheee. everyone were just 3&pmaaylanddbasketball gave them reason to celebrate.espn telecaat: "here's cook- cannt hit it... ann marylanddhas woon it 83-81 and the sttdentt - storm the floor!"josh mcgrath: "you cculd hear people yylling aa soon assthe game ended." james hudson:"that's the one team we hate." michelle is like the best thing ever."
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&&pstudents reeeled on rouue 1... bowl!jjmes hudson::every time -3that weebbat duke, it's like -33 we wwn thh super bbww or sometting." paullgessler, repprter: "prince george's county policeesay otter thanna street sign and a lamp post 3 poott 1, thinns were actually relativeey peaccfuu on saturrayy.((ats from 2010)the llst time marylaad beat duke, celebrations turned into & firee... desttuction... and calls of pooicc rutality. lastnight? only one arrest accordinggto pooicc.ashley wwrthington, 2, enior:"the cops were just kinda letting us calmly wasn't really a riot. it was ust a &pbunch of kids yelling in the toilet paper blowing in the afternoon wiidjosh -3mcgrath:"it was a mmdhouse to ccllege pprk.james hudson:"it was a pretty craay attosphere llstnight." paul gesslerr 3 the university also hosted a controlled bbnnirr on chapee pield... without major
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incident. 3 in january---artists from more than 20 cities committed to creating a piece f arttork a ddy.'sspart of the annual pfun -a--ay" art showit's - bbltimore's secood year participating in the event -3& whhch aims to promote fun andd participation. 66 people icluding bothh artists and ovices submittedd - pieees that areeoo display at & baltiiore. 3 3 the how wraps up with a -3 reception next saturday -3 evening. 3 3 you're looking at the newly- naaed baltimore ravens black rhino exxibii in ssn franccsco.
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thanks tt the ravens victory -3 over the 49ers ii the uper bowl... tth san francisco zoo - black rhino.the change will - remain that way for the next mmnth. p very cold day today.....we pay...buttevery so often..... the snow started to fall.check 3& a viewer in parkkille from - earller today... anddthh wind &pmade it feel really cold. cold.chief meeeorologist vytas reid haa more in his first forecastt...-&p3 p
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3 a mann. slaps a toddler on a -3 flight.what he said bbfore that... that haa passengers punning to the baby's rescue. 3 new cases of influenza are we are not out of the woodss 33 againnt more than one strain. &p
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3 the gent for oscar pissorius &phhs aacellee all futureeraces so the ddoble -amputee athlete paainst his murder charge. -3 pistorius was arresttd annd 3 day murder of his model girlfriind reeea steenkamp... who was ssot multiple times at pistoriuu' home in south ppstorius was expectee to ffr he start of his bail application hearing. p33 in a story that hassatttactee -3 natiooal attention, a man is 3 toddler on a flight from berrgren reports... that mann
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is nowwfacing a feddral charge and the child's paaents are speaking out. 3 3 "do u wanna singgttinkle twinkle?"jonah bennett iisaa 33 (nats)""ig kiss!"buu itsswhhtt happened on a eltaaflight 33 anything buttsmile. "he it a child e saiddwhat he said? bennetttaad her son were flyinn tooatlanta and sat nexx to his an, 60 yeer old joe & being ude and belligeeent and i justtfell uncoofortable."she &psaysshundleyyreeked offalcohhl - and continued o drink oo boaad. but as the plane begann to descend, jonah goo fussy pnd theealreadd uncoofortable flight got worse."i was having trouble comforting him and that's whhn the guyymmde his commeet to me?"court doouuents state this is when hundley allegeely told jessica to &p"shut that (nnword) babb up." but it didn't eed thhre,
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hundley used the rrcial slur a seconn tiie ann then alleeedly slaaped jonaa, hitting him in 3 he would say sommthing like that o a baby or abbutta baby and then to itthim... i felt liie i was in anothee world. 3 other passengers came to her aid and the two were given a nee seattbut while jjnah ii bacc to beeng aacurious toddler, his parents call handlee's acttons heinous nd &&pbe done. all the evideece is sufficient enough to support 3 hope he's punished as uchhas he poosibll can be."it'ssan -experience this ffmiiy never wantssto go thru again, but one this family wwll think about the next time they fly. "iithink i'll beereplayinn it the whole timm. err 3& 3 some teachers in lorida.... get some firearms training thhs wwekend. weekend.the ooner off "international eeecutive -3 protection" in clearwater offered the free courss to
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pinellaa county teachers interested in learning about carryyng a concealed eepon. -3 somm ttachers admit they took thh class beccuse they're & worried, especcally after what happenee at saady hook. 3 an anniversaay celebration -33 at tte b and o railroad museum..-&pwhy officials there say a &pyears ago... may have been a blessing in disguise..- 3 and a warning tonight connerning the flu.why doctors say even if sooeone has gotten theeflu vacciie... it does not mean they''e safe. -3 3 3&p 3 jackpot is up to 2-hundred dollars.we've got yyur shot t pinning... monday at fox45
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3 the mussum baltimooe.pratt ssrret ii baltimore.the museumm allowed free admission to maak 3 the roof collapse at the 3& during thaa big president's day weeeend snowstoom..... causing 22- million dollars in museum say the damaae was a bbessing in diisuise... 3 13::4:53-13:05:13"it allowed us to really mmae a lot off changes that we always wanted to o but ww couldn't for one reason or another. so now the mmseum is aatually stronger &pthan it's vee been beforre we're a family-orrented museum -3 that gives a reattexperience to theepeoole ttaa come ddwn here and in theeprocess, ooe moneyyto buuld a resstratin facility on the museumms west end." museum also strengthened ts
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roof and opened new exhibit facebook... hacked..hen it happennd.. and why the social netwwrkinn siie says you shouldn't be wworied aboutt & yoor personal information falling into the wrong hands. -3
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3 ffddral health & pfficials say the ffu is ffnally leveling off in the u-s. 3 the ccd-ccreports innluenza activvty decreased in many areas off he country - last
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week. 21 states arr reporttiggmoderate to higg & activity. 11 reported low acttvity .... and 16 reporting minimaa. 3 older people haad with more than half offhospitaliiations involving dults over 65. 3 from the virrs thhs season. experts ay it's not too laae to get vaccinated and - if yoo've already had the flu this season... it does not mean you''e rottcced from getting ittagain..- 3 16-36"there is still aachance that you caa have it again strain goong around. and the flu vvccine nll covers thheee strainss so if you've not gotttn the flu shot you wwll potentially gee ooe oo thosee havv gotten the flu shot there stiil is chance you cannget -3& a straii that's going around that's nnt in the vaacine." flu mayylast longer than the early spring. 3 fuul costs continue ttoclimb....-&pclimb...the average rice forr - across he countrr is uu to 3-
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67 a gallon... an increase of 12 cents in he ppst week and 42 cents in the past monthh. uuual... is thh rising price of oil. bbt they also say it is a surprise to see the ricee & pemmnd is normally low... and there is now a concernnabout wwat mighh happen nexttmonth. analysts say tradionally... gas prices rise anywherr frrm late march through eaalyymay. maryland... expect to pay 3- -3 average..he fox455 ump patrol & racks the lowest gas prices &panywhhre you are and makks 3 more than you have to.just go -3 to fox baltimooe dot command & 3 faceeook aas it was reccntly hhaked.but ii says noodata - concerning it's more than a biilion users was ccmpromised. -3 the company described the - "sophisticateddatttck" in a bloo post on friday. it hhppened in anuary when a smmll number of employees pisited aaccmprommsed website
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-3 that insttlled malware on their machines. twiiter &pannounced a simillr intrusion earrier this montt, nd major news organizationssinnluding tth new york timess wall street journal and wassinnton post have alss admitted to being hacked. -3 3 p a city ec center scheduued to permanently close....reopens innteaa. instead.the urley recreetioo doon lass summer .... as a close delapidated buildings ann cnters with depleted theeyouuh sports program ptepped up tt he plate....and will now operate this north east ec center. (38::77soccer baaketball meetoring......before affer school prograass... nearly ttnnrec centers last summer....ut promises to spend & 19 million doolars over the & next ffw years to build and penovate our state f the at - facilltiis. 3 peopll cheering cceeeiig
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3 he's he ooe thing that & brrught hem togethhr.why two -3high school teamssput aside their rivalry to sspport this &pone player. -3
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3 a hiih chool basketball as both teams cheer or &pthe ame true & display of sportsmanship. sportsmanship.morales saay: "i gave him a uniform and his eees just spprkled, he was & reaay for the mmment..." 3 been hhs basketball team's manager for three years. but for his last game... the hhad coach wanned -3& the speccal needs student to suit up.towards the end...
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3& nd teammates waattd no time getting heebbll tt him.but with onll seconds left----thh the other team-- andd incrediblyy. they ppssed thee ball back to miichell. mitchell maaes basket, crowd goes crazy ccowd chanting "miichell, mitthell" (021713wte) &p(021111wte)106-115"therr 3 whole coronado section, ssood up and was standing u and & cheeriig. there was not one person sitting down." pown."maacus' team ended the 33they'd all nnvvr forgett 3 -3 3 thaa's all for the news at up next bruce cunningham andd morgan adsit have the latest from spring training. plus a recap from maryland's big win & over duue in sports unlimited...bruce and morgan... 3 coming up tonight on sports unlimited...the terps take down the number 2 teammin the lann who also happens to be their arch rivals duke... duke...hear from mark turgeon maryland's head we avv another coach inn studio...jimmy patsos from loyola joins us to talk about
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the ncaaatourney... tturrey... 3 brian roberts is finally pealtty...why e could seeehimm's a ffrst at the daytonn 500...why today's -3 qualltying madd nascar history... -& istory...and adam joness welcomes kevin gausman to his first ssring training...the 3 2012 first rond pick...sports - unlimitee ssarts aftee this...


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